Troforte Fruit & Citrus 3.5kg (2)

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Features and Benefits

  • Controlled release garden fertiliser.
  • River & Reef safe.
  • Promotes healthy root biomass.
  • No burning.
  • Increases resistance to disease and drought.

Directions For Use

Refer to rear of packaging for further directions.

Scoop inside:

1 scoop = 30g approx.

AmountAt Planting StageEstablished Plants
Potted plants

30cm pot: 1 1/2 Scoops

45cm pot: 3 Scoops

60cm pot: 4 Scoops

90cm pot: 6 Scoops

Incorporate into potting mix.Dig around dripline, 2cm away from stem.
Garden Beds6 Scoops per m2Spread over garden bed and mix into top 10cm of soil and mix into backfill soil.Spread around plant, 2cm away from stem and incorporate into top soil.