1lt Glyphosate Green 360 (10)

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Features and Benefits

  • Kills weeds, unwanted grasses and vegetation.

Directions For Use

General Mixed Weeds/Annual and Perennial Weeds - 10ml per 1 litre water - Apply when weeds are actively growing. For best results on perennial weeds treat after flowering.


Woody weeds - 15ml per 1 litre water - Application: Uniform and complete spray to wet all leaves.  Run-off should not occur.  1 litre of spray will cover 10 square metres.  The addition of a non-ionic surfactant is recommended at a rate of 1 ml of a 600 g/L product (or equivalent) per 1 litre spray solution.

Seeding or planting into treated areas may proceed after 7 days.

DO NOT spray plants bearing edible berries.