1lt Weed & Creeper Killer Woody (10)

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Features and Benefits

  • control of a range of environmental and noxious woody and herbaceous weeds.

Directions For Use

Follow directions on back of packaging.


DO NOT apply to weeds which may be stressed (not actively growing) due to prolonged periods of extreme cold, moisture stress (water-logged or drought affected), poor nutrition, presence of disease, damage or previous herbicide treatment, as reduced levels of control may result.

DO NOT spray if rain is likely within one hour or if foliage is wet from rain or dew.

DO NOT burn off, cut or clear blackberry or other woody weeds for at least six months after spraying.

DO NOT apply by aerial application in wind in excess of 15 km/hr and air temperatures above 35°C.

In areas prone to flooding, treatment should commence after any annual flooding as such areas flooded within 9 months
following application may have reduced results.