100g Grafting Mastic BZ

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Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for sealing grafts.
  • Suitable for treating large tree wounds.
  • Cold to moderate climate formulation or for use in winter.

Directions For Use

The object of grafting is to increase a particular tree or shrub by uniting a portion of it, the scion, with the stock of the same or similar species of plant.

The principle of grafting consists of placing the cambium layers of the two cut surfaces so closely together they join and grow as one. this is achieved by excluding air and water.

Grafting Mastic BZ gives a pliable wax seal impervious to water.  Upon completion of the graft, cincture etc. thoroughly seal all cut edges or binding materials with Grafting Mastic BZ to ensure complete exclusion of air and moisture.

Do not use excessive quantities of Grafting Mastic BZ otherwise the results may by impaired.