30lt Enriched Planting Mix AO CERT (72)

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Features and Benefits

  • Organically certified product
  • Improves aeration for roots
  • A rich blend of Pure Magic Compost, composted animal manure, Gypsum, composted coarse bark and wetting agent
  • Excellent to mix with heavy clay soils, an organic mixture with added gypsum which is perfect for exotic plants
  • Revitalises tired soils, adds nutrient and organic matter, no chemical additives, weed free
  • Assists in retaining moisture in the soil longer after rain or watering

Directions For Use

  • Water plant well at least several hours prior to planting.
  • Dig a hole at least twice the width of the pot and 7cm deeper than the pot.
  • Mix Grow Better Enriched Planting Mix with the soil that has been dug out of the hole, adding about 1/3 planting mix.
  • Spread a 7cm layer of improved soil in the hole and remove plant from the pot. Tease roots gently if the root ball is very firm and place plant in the planting hole. Check that pot soil is level with the surrounding soil surface level, not higher or lower.
  • Fill in the hole with improved soil mixture, firm down soil and water well adding Grow Better Plant Starter to final watering.