500ml Thrive All Purpose Liquid Con. (6)

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  • Easy to measure and mix – no waiting for powders to dissolve
  • Suitable for all plant types
  • Designed to feed foilage, encourage root development and improve flower development
  • Contains chelated trace elements that are easily available to plants

Directions of Use

Always shake bottle and dilute product into water before use.

Apply diluted product to soil and/or foliage. For application to foliage see plant safety notes in precautions.

Note: 1 capful = 30 mL

Directions for Use During Active Growth Stage

Growth Stage: active growth

Application Rate: 2 caps in 9 L water

Frequency: Fortnightly

Timing: early spring to early summer

Directions for Use During Flowering & Fruiting Stage

Growth Stage: flowering and fruiting

Application Rate: 1 cap in 9 L water

Frequency: weekly

Timing: early bud formation to end of flowering or fruiting

Directions for Use During the Non-Active Growth Stage

Growth Stage: all other times

Application Rate: 1 cap in 9 L water

Frequency: fortnightly

Timing: mid-summer to early autumn