Ratsak Double Str Bait Station 1kg (6)

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  • Kills both rats and mice
  • The original trusted formula reduces the possibility of secondary poisoning to pets and wildlife.

RATSAK Double Strength Bait Station is a no-fuss, multiple feed pellet bait in a ready to use bait station, so no need to touch bait.

Directions for use

  1. Use pack as a bait station or pour bait into small containers.
  2. Push tab and tear back flap to expose bait and activate single bait station.
  3. If using small containers, set out baits in lots of 25g for mice or 125g for rats.
  4. Place baits where there are signs of rodent activity, along walls or rafters and in dark, sheltered places.
  5. DO NOT exceed 3m between bait stations for mice or 9m for rats.
  6. DO NOT place baits in the open.