12kg Dolomite Lime (96)

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Features and Benefits

  • Assists plants to take up nutrients faster and more efficiently
  • Encourages earthworm activity
  • Should be applied to soils annually
  • Assists hedges to green up well if yellowing
  • Sends plants into a growing frenzy
  • Provides calcium and magnesium
  • Corrects soil acidity
  • Conditions soils

Directions For Use

Flower Garden Beds – Use 75 grams (two handfuls) per square metre approximately.

Vegetable Beds – Use 150 grams (two handfuls) per square metre approxiamtely.

Clay Soils – Use 150-300 grams (2-4 handfuls) per square metre as required.

Lawns – Apply equal amount of lime in winter to the total amount of lawn food applied during the year to correct acidity of soil. For example, 5 applications of 1kg lawn food in one season, apply 5kg of lime over the same area in winter.

We recommend wearing gloves when handling this product and remember to wash your hands after working in the garden.