200ml PestOil Concentrate (12)

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  • Patented formula. Contains an UV inhibitor that helps reduce potential leaf burn during hot weather
  • Works by smothering the insects
  • Ideal for controlling citrus leafminer. Ideal as a winter clean up spray for scale and mites
  • Child resistant cap
  • Easy-to-use measure bottle

Controls citrus leafminer, scales, mites, mealybug, aphids and white fly on indoor and outdoor plants.

Directions for use

IMPORTANT: Keep the spray agitated (ie. shake at regular intervals). Thoroughly wet the leaves until drips occur. DO NOT spray if shade temperatures exceed 32°C, (35°C for citrus) or when soil is dry and plants are suffering from moisture stress.

Application rates

CitrusCitrus Leafminer

5mL in 1 Iitre of waterSpray every 5 to 14 days as required during flush growth periods. (Spraying is 
more likely to be required in Summer and Autumn). Start spraying when flushes are about 4cm long. Ensure that all immature leaves are thoroughly wetted on both sides. Do not spray more than 8 times per season. IMPORTANT: Keep the spray well agitated (ie. shake at regular intervals).
Red Scale15-25 mL in 1 Iitre of waterApply in December and/ or February-March. Use the higher rate for severe investations.
White Wax Scale
Pink Wax Scale
Apply December/ early January
Black ScaleApply mid December/ early January. Repeat in February.
Soft Brown ScaleApply January/ April. Use higher rate (Tas and WA) when infestation is severe.
GrapesGrapevine Scale30mL in 1L of wateMay be controlled by spraying the dormant vines in winter, preferably after pruning.
Roses, outdoor & indoor ornamentalsScale, Aphids, White Fly (Not Qld), Mealy bugs30mL in 1L of waterApply as required.
Stone Fruit (eg peaches, plums, apricots) Pome fruit (eg apples, pears)San Jose Scale, Oyster Shell Scale, Spider Mites20-30mL in 1L of waterApply during dormant period up to green tip (Pome Fruit), or bud swell (Stone Fruit). Use the higher rates in Qld.