Terra Firma Blood & Bone-PELS 25kg (40)

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Features and Benefits

  • Easy to apply all in one, 80% blood and bone fertiliser pallet
  • Biologically activated to enhance nutrient availability and plant uptake
  • High performance organic based fertiliser perfect for fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and shrubs

Directions For Use

Normal application rate approx 200g per square metre.

Rates will vary due to soil types and environmental conditions.  Soil tests & pH levels should be checked prior to application to obtain the greatest benefit and the watering in well of fertiliser is essential.

Vegetables & Annual Flowers: Apply 200g per square metre at planting for all vegetables and annual flowers.

Roses, Fruit Trees & Shrubs: Apply 100g-200g per square metre around roses, fruit trees and shrubs, keeping away from the trunks.

Australian Native Plants: Use no more than 25g per square metre around Australian Native Plants.

Broadacre Spreading: Apply 200-400kg per acre.  On pasture, late Autumn and Winter apply liberally enabling the soil to be primed for production in Spring.