Grassmaster 25kg (40)

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Features and Benefits

  • Perfect for lawns, resorts, fairways & Greens.
  • A balanced mix of fast-acting & slow-release nutrients for a rich green lawn.
  • Grassmater can be used on all plants, fruit and vegies.

Directions For Use

General Application Rates: Normal application rate in between 50-70g per square metre.

Rates will vary due to soil types and environmental conditions.  Soil tests & pH levels should be checked prior to application to obtain the greatest benefit and the watering in well of fertiliser is essential.

New Lawns: Consider an application of lime and or gypsum a couple of weeks before planting.  Seed up to 100g per square metre and rake into soil before sowing the seeds, laying turf or planting runners.  For large lawns apply up to 10kg per 100 square metres.

Lawn Maintenance: Apply 50-100g of Grassmaster evenly per square metre of lawn every 3 months & water in well.  For larger lawns apply 5-10kg per 100 square metres.

Plants, Fruits & Vegetables: 

Fruit Trees: 100-500g, lifting the rate to higher range if the trees are established.

Plants & Shrubs: 30-50g per shrub.

Vegetable Beds & Flowers: 75-100g per square metre.

Roses & Shrubs: 100g per square metre.

Azaleas, Native & Acid Loving plants: 50g per square metre.