Terra Firma Pellets Poultry AOC 25kg (40

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Features and Benefits

  • Premium grade all-purpose, nutrient-rich plant food for healthy plants, fruit & vegie flowers, trees and shrubs.
  • Rich in natural organic carbon compounds.
  • Ideal for home and garden or agricultural use.

Directions For Use

General Application Rates: Normal application rate in between 200-300g per square metre.

Rates will vary due to soil types and environmental conditions.  Soil tests & pH levels should be checked prior to application to obtain the greatest benefit and the watering in well of fertiliser is essential.

Vegetables & Annual Flowers: Apply 300g per square metre at planting for all vegetables and annual flowers.

Fruit Trees: Use the same rate mixed with the soil in the planting hole & spread 500g around tree 15-20 cm from the trunk.  For established trees use 1kg for the age of the tree up to a maximum of 4kg per plant.

Australian Native Plants: Use no more than 50g per square metre around Australian Native Plants.

Broadacre Spreading: Apply 300-500kg per acre as both a soil conditioner & fertiliser.  On pasture, late Autumn & Winter apply liberally enabling the soil to be primed for production in Spring.